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Friday, June 2, 2023

Zodwa Wabantu At It Again, Goes Nak3d During Her Performance (Watch Video)

South African media personality, socialite, and dancer, Zodwa Wabantu reacts after being dragged for showing off her pαntless derriere in a new video.

The entertainer broke to fame years ago due to her signature of dancing pαntless in public places.

It appears she’s back to being pαntless days after it was reported that she’s broke.

The new video posted on her Instagram account irked a user who questioned if she has a family. Watch:

“Do you have family? Where are you from? I don’t think you’re from this earth you getting out of hand. You’ll think you’re making people happy on the other side they’re saying this one is mad imagine your kids will see this when they grow up,” the critic wrote.

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