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Tinubu Is Currently Losing His Support System Because Of Too Many Own Goals – Charles Aniagwu

According to Charles Aniagwu, a spokesperson for the Atiku/Okowa presidential campaign committee, the APC candidate is currently losing his support system because of all the own goals he has scored.

The statement was made by Charles Aniagwu during a This Week interview with the Arise News. Why does Tinubu sound like the presidential candidate for the opposition rather than the dominant or governing party, Sumner Sambo questioned him.

Asiwaju Tinubu, the flag-bearer for the APC, has already started to lose support, and Charles Aniagwu reacted by saying that he is mindful of this.

“He’s losing ground because he has turned into his greatest de-marketer, he’s losing ground because he is scoring numerous own goals even when you are in a contest with people who may not have the capacity”. Charles Aniagwu noted that Tinubu’s problem is not his party’s appalling performance, but rather his mental state of health.

“When you watch him attack, not just the opposing parties, but his own party’s core foundation.”


Charles continued by stating that this is the reason why Tinubu is essentially undermining his own party’s leadership with current APC policies like the redesign of the naira and the petroleum issue.

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