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NDC urges Zabzugu registrants to be cautious of voter transfer

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Zabzugu constituency has warned its opponents against transferring their votes to the constituency.

The NDC claims that opponents plan to bus people into the constituency to transfer their votes, a move they are strongly opposed to.

As the limited voter registration period ends, the EC will begin the voter transfer process, allowing voters to transfer their registration to constituencies where they currently reside and intend to vote.

The EC director in Zabzugu, in an interview with Citi News, called for cooperation from all parties involved to ensure a successful registration process.

“We need both the active political parties, both the NPP and NDC, we need their cooperation with the EC officials so that we can work together. They are our clients, and we are here because of them, but if you don’t have cooperation from your clients, you cannot work,” said the EC director.

The constituency chairman of the NPP, Imoro Hudu, on the last day of the exercise, expressed satisfaction with the process, stating that there was no need for further extension.

“There’s no need for an extension. We have finished everything except that this morning we witnessed some incidents. Some few guys came, and we suspected that looking at their age, if they were to be in Zabzugu, they would have registered by now. But a few interrogations and we realised that they were not from here and asked them to go away.”

The NDC representative also expressed optimism about the registration process, stating that more people registered in previous days than on the last day.

The NDC has urged prospective voters to adhere to the law and warned against illegal vote transfers, calling on security forces and the EC to be vigilant and advise the public accordingly.

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