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Lady ‘tattoos’ boyfriend’s name on forehead as show of commitment –

A video featuring Lizah Njeri from Kenya has gone viral, showing her “tattooing” her lover’s name on her forehead.

This has ignited a lively discussion on social media platforms.

The video stirred concern among many netizens who cautioned against such a permanent display.

However, Lizah Njeri clarified that the marking was actually henna, not a permanent tattoo.

She explained that it symbolised her dedication to her relationship and love for her partner.

The video, capturing the moment she revealed the henna artwork on her forehead, has garnered widespread attention.

Despite initial confusion, viewers noted that henna fades over time.

Social media users flooded her comments with a mix of caution and admiration for her commitment to love, urging her to consider potential consequences while also praising her devotion.

According to St. Thomas University, henna is a temporary dye that remains on the surface of the skin.

Watch video below:


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