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Student escapes claims of impregnating landlord’s daughter who doesn’t speak using JUJU (READ)

A Nigerian man shared a life-changing experience where he was accused of impregnating his landlord’s daughter, who was non-verbal.

Identified as @Nsukka_okpa, he narrated the incident on social media. Despite being friends with the landlord’s daughter and often spending time together, he was accused upon his return from a program.

The situation escalated with the involvement of a juju man.


Student narrates how juju saved him after being accused of impregnating the landlord’s daughter

“I stayed off campus during my third year. Like a rural area. And away from the hostel and school cos I needed to balance my CGPA. It was lectures and book.

My landlord had one daughter that doesn’t talk. Doesn’t speak. She’ll just sit down under our soursop tree. I started joining her under the tree to read cos most times my friend Dey Dey around to play games.

So me and her we be there. She doesn’t speak so me I’ll just read and for fun I’ll try to get her to talk.

Then I’ll go inside. I did this continuously for like two semesters.
Then one day I greeted her “Kelechi” she said “ehn” I said how are you, she said Fine”

I started doing it everytime. She’d keep soursop for me when it’s ripe after lectures and give to me. She doesn’t eat it. She go just give me.

If my friends go the tree, she go pursue them. Fast forward to when I went for three months IT.

Landlord been Dey call me everyday to check up on me. I think say maybe na cos of rent, but e say when I show we go talk.

Came back from the IT and landlady heard my voice rushed outside begin Dey pour me powder

Before you know all the ladies for my area dey rush me dey hug me And my Igbo no really good like that.

I just Dey dance with them cause I normally be clown. Na Stephen come translate say dem say Kelechi don get belle. So them assume say na me.

Na me bitibawo And the next thing for these people na to Dey sing like all this native song. I no fit forget am.

“Oyiga, ede ayin mma, mbobo” “Oyiga, ede ayin mma, mbobo” “Onye Chineke diri yagi sore ya mbobo”

Mbombo bitibawo!! I tell the brother say make we enter with the family. So Me, the mum, her brothers and landlord Dey room.

I ask: Kelechi who give you belle? She no talk. Kelechi who give you belle?  Quiet

I say Kelechi how are you, She say fine.

Them say make we go juju go swear. Na Enugu ezike people. So any small thing na to invoke spiritual maters.

Why I no go go? For only soursop wey I chop? When soursop turn sexual intercourse? I follow dem go oh.

We enter the juju house. Juju man carry sand from our lodge area. Do incantations. Rub me orisirisi for Body.

Say make I repeat some words. I run am. E come say no be me. Say my hand clean. Say na one guy wey Dey build house for back.

Na him run am. I later go confession go beg God for forgiveness say I go juju house. But since that time till today. Nothing concern me and soursop again.”

Student escapes claims of impregnating landlord's daughter with help of juju

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