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Fake soldier busted, picked up by Nkwanta South Police –

The Nkwanta South Municipal Police Command has apprehended Abdul Majeed, a 27-year-old man, for impersonating a military officer in the area.

The suspect reportedly assumed the false identity of a soldier and visited a local chop bar after hiring a commercial motorbike rider (okada) for several hours. However, when it was time to pay, he asked the rider to take him back to his residence to fetch the money.

Upon reaching his destination, the fake military officer refused to settle the fare, using his fabricated identity to intimidate the rider. This led to a physical altercation between them.

Following an interrogation by military personnel in the area, it was discovered that the suspect had no affiliation with the Ghana Armed Forces but had been using his deceptive identity to command respect and exert authority in the community.

As a consequence, the suspect was subjected to military drills as punishment for deceiving the public. He has since been handed over to the Police for further investigation and prosecution. Abdul Majeed is currently facing charges of impersonation and fraud.


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