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Witch-doctor impregnates Pastor’s barren wife in Uganda

‘Uganda Olemwa, wait would you regard this as good news if you were Pastor, or you would strike, but on contrary Pastor was instead excited and shared the good news’.

A witch doctor in Pallisa, Eastern Ugandan has shocked the world after impregnating a pastor’s wife who has been barren for 10 years.

According to sources, Angella Atuko, a wife to a famous area pastor in Agule, Pallisa sought the intervention of a traditional healer to their childlessness after hearing about the efficacy of his potions and the prowess he has in tackling such cases.

She was however hoodwinked into a love affair with the native doctor who got her impregnated.

The pastor, on receiving the good news of his wife finally bearing a child, started sharing the good news of his wife’s pregnancy as the handiwork of God, but this angered the herbalist.

The herbalist confronted the pastor and revealed what transpired between him and the cleric’s wife, and that he is responsible for the pregnancy.

The wife admitted when she was summoned as she confirmed it was the herbalist who got her pregnant, which made the pastor to send her packing from his house.

The community received the news with shock as many wondered how it happened since the two involved are of different religious backgrounds.

Source:Ugandan newsletter

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