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Lady calls out friend for sl££ping with her boyfriend while they visit him together

An X user took to social media to publicly confront her friend for betraying her trust by allegedly sleeping with her boyfriend during a visit to his residence in Minna. The X user explained that she had accompanied her roommate, identified as Oluchi, to her boyfriend’s house after Oluchi pleaded to not be left alone at their school residence.

Upon arrival, Oluchi continuously praised the boyfriend’s appearance, which raised suspicions in the X user’s mind. The following day, Oluchi requested her boyfriend, Ayo, to show her around Minna, claiming it was her first time in the city. However, the X user noticed that Oluchi seemed more interested in spending time with Ayo than exploring the city.

Shocked and devastated, the X user returned to the house after a brief trip to the market to retrieve her wallet, only to discover Oluchi and Ayo in a compromising situation. Distraught by the betrayal, the X user swiftly gathered her belongings and left, leaving Oluchi pleading for forgiveness at her boyfriend’s house.

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