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The standards have fallen! – Efya reacts to oral sex on live TV –

Ghanaian songstress Efya has reacted to viral videos making the rounds on social media featuring two guests displaying sexual acts on a live show on UTV.

The controversy started when videos from the ‘Red Light’ show, hosted by Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah, started popping up on X.

The adult TV show, which was discussing the topic; ‘licking/sucking and its effects’, featured two guests lying on a bed and ‘educating the audience’ by engaging in oral sex.

The woman could be seen sucking on a dildo while the man caressed her vulva through her mesh outfit.

Another video showed the woman sitting on the man’s face.

The videos resulted in a backlash against the show and UTV, as many wondered why such acts should be condoned on national TV.

Among those was Efya Nockturnal, who took to her X handle to air her displeasure over the videos.

“Why are there live sexual acts being telecasted on national television?! Ugh, why? Mehn!,” she posted.

In another post in reply to a fan, she lamented that there was a drop in the standards of media broadcasting in the country.

“Bro! The standards have fallen so low!” she said.

Meanwhile, netizens on social media have argued that this particular show and several others engaging in similar concepts should be boycotted.

View her post below


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