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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

“Dear Young Girls, Close Your Laps, Stop Having Babies You Can’t Raise”

Biodun Stephen, a filmmaker, has advised young girls not to have too many children.

In a recent video posted on her Instagram account, she expressed that most young girls who are unmarried should learn to close their legs properly.

She further said ladies should stop having children that will later end up in the canal, that there are so many women looking for such opportunities to have children in the society.

The actress added that if by any chance they want to indulge in such act, they should make sure they use contraceptives.

Biodun offered a warning against this, drawing comparisons to the current economy.

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In her words,

”Dear Young girl, close your laps, God, these guys would tell you anything to get between your thighs, they will promise you marriage, they will promise you heaven on earth, today is not the first day they’re lying, just to get into you they’ll tell you anything, if you think because you open your laps he’ll marry you, something is wrong with your head, tell him to wear a condom, or be on a bed control pill, stop having children that you cannot raise, stop having babies you’ll throw in the canal because there are people begging God for that child you’re carrying but they didn’t see and they haven’t done anything wrong, stop falling for these lies these guys tell, today is not the first day they’ve been lying, that’s how they’re created, this is 2024, stop having child you cannot raise, tell it to them in all languages.”

Watch her speak below…

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