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Black Sherif Told Me Stonebwoy Is Jealous of Him- Firestick Reveals

UK-based Ghanaian fashion critic, Firestick has launched a scathing attack on Bhim Nation president, Stonebwoy.

Firestick has said that Stonebwoy’s dream to have a collaboration with American musician, Rihana is to shame his rival, Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale.

Firestick claims the fans of Shatta Wale have been using the collaboration of Shatta Wale and Beyonce to brag that they are above every Ghanaian musician.

He stated that anytime fans of Shatta Wale exchange words with fans of another musician, especially Stonbwoy’s fans, it is either they say their boss Shatta Wale has more money or has set the record of having a collaboration with Beyonce.

He believes that to be able to compete with Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy mentioned Rihana and Taylor Swift’s names for a collaboration when speaking with American rapper, Rick Ross in an Instagram live.

The fashion critic believes that the collaboration of Stonebwoy and Rihana can never pass so the dancehall musician should forget it and focus on other relevant things.

According to him, Rihana is currently busy being a mother and would not get the chance to collaborate with the Bhim president.

He revealed that Rihana currently has kids and is pregnant so he does not think the musician would get time to collaborate with Stonebwoy.

Meanwhile, Firestick suggested that Stonebwoy could have mentioned Drake or the names of any other American musicians who are free and not Rihana and Taylor Swift.

Firestick used the opportunity to say that Stonebwoy is not who people see him to be on social media.

According to him, the musician is very greedy and jealous of his colleague musicians, especially those doing better than him.

Firestick claims Black Sherif once told him that Stonebwoy was jealous of him.

Black Sherif revealed to Firestick that he and Stonebwoy once met at a program where Stonebwoy warned him not to get anywhere closer to him.

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