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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Another SHS student dies after he was refused exeat to go home –

The parents of a 19-year-old final-year student at Akim Swedro Senior High School have pointed fingers at the school management for the tragic death of their son.

According to the grieving parents, their son, Keater Vadje, was denied an exemption despite his request for leave due to illness.

They alleged that Keater had sought permission to go home for medical care, but his plea was rejected, prompting him to call his father for assistance.

Rainbow Radio’s Prince Collins Bening, reporting from the area, revealed that Keater approached the housemaster, explaining his sickness and requesting an exam exemption.

However, the school management dismissed his request, questioning the seriousness of his illness.

Unable to secure an exeat after multiple attempts, Keater contacted his father, who promptly arrived at the school, took his son home, and rushed him to the Akimdan Government Hospital. Unfortunately, the facility was unable to provide adequate treatment and advised the father to seek help elsewhere.

Subsequently, Keater was taken to the Akwatia St. Dominic Hospital, where he tragically passed away in the evening.

The grief-stricken parents firmly hold the school responsible for their son’s untimely death, arguing that if he had been granted leave, he might have survived.

As the family prepares for the funeral, they have scheduled the burial for February 16, 2024.

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