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How Oboy Siki, Yaw Dabo warned Don Little to stop driving –

Recently, Ghanaian actor, Stephen Atanga found himself in hot waters after he reportedly knocked down a motor rider while driving in Kasoa with his vehicle.

The diminutive actor had been spotted on many occasions driving a Mercedes Benz car through the roads of Kasoa where he resides to the city centres. Many on social media expressed shock at the development.

Some notable personalities had previously warned the diminutive actor to stop driving to prevent such an occurrence.

Recall that early in February, Ghanaian actor Oboy Siki called on the Ghana Police Service and the DVLA to revoke the driver’s license of his colleague, Don Little, citing safety concerns due to Don Little’s stature.

In an interview, Oboy Siki claimed that Don Little, who has dwarfism, doesn’t meet the requirements for obtaining a license and criticized the authorities for allegedly allowing this. He advised Don Little to employ a driver instead of risking control issues while driving, particularly emphasizing concerns about navigating potholes.

“Ghanaian police have made a big mistake because he (Don Little) doesn’t qualify for driving with his height. He can’t even acquire a license but someone managed to obtain it for him illegally.

“How can he (Don Little) manage when his car hits a big pothole? What hands will he use to hold on tight to the steering wheel? He can easily fall. When they travel abroad, the white folks see them as kids… whoever got him that license is looking for his death…Yaw Dabo has never driven a car so I will admonish Don Little to desist from driving,” he advised.

Also, another Ghanaian actor who is also a small person, Yaw Dabo, had pleaded with Don Little to desist from driving.

In a video which went viral on social media in February, Yaw Dabo had accepted a lift from Don Little in his car. However, things went sideways when Don Little began driving at top speed, scaring Yaw Dabo.

The duo proceeded to throw hilarious jabs at each other during the ride.

Fast forward to December 2023, Don Little is in the grips of the police for knocking down a cyclist with his car. According to him, he was rushing a suicidal friend to the hospital when he got involved in the accident.

An official statement from the police or Don Little’s management is yet to be released.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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