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Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend accused me of sleeping with him – House help drops more secrets

Kuame Eugene’s former housekeeper is on an interview spree with the media, revealing previously unknown information about her time at the musician’s house.

Shedding light on one of the main reasons for their falling out, which ultimately led to her dismissal, Mary disclosed to Der Mad King in an interview that Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend played a significant role in her departure.

Mary claimed that the lady accused her of having an affair with Kuami Eugene and even went as far as stating that she had video evidence on her phone to support her claim.

It is worth mentioning that Eugene had previously mentioned in an interview with Delay that it was his girlfriend who had hired Mary as a household assistant, with the intention of taking care of his domestic needs.

The ‘Monica’ hitmaker further stated that their relationship had become extremely close, to the point where Mary and his mother had developed a good rapport.

“Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend said she’s got evidence that I have been sleeping with him. She said she has video evidence, her friends were also saying same,” Mary told the interviewer.

Why did Kuame Eugene sack his house help?

Since we learned that Mary is no longer working for Kuame Eugene, she has been the one doing most of the talking. The Rockstar himself has remained silent on the issue, except for a cryptic message he shared on Twitter calling Mary a cobra for her ranting.

During her interview, Mary mentioned that she worked for the musician for three years and received a salary of Ghc400 per month, with a Ghc100 increment each year.

This information has been trending on social media, and Kuami Eugene has also seen the video and shared a reaction to it. Although his response was subtle, it’s clear that he has more to say. If he grants a media interview in the coming days, we may finally hear his side of the story.

Meanwhile, check out what Mary said in her latest interview:

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