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John Mahama Will Win 2024 Elections – Here Is Why (Opinion)

Former Ghanaian president, John Mahama, is expected to run for the presidency again in 2024. Despite his defeat to President Nana Akufo-Addo in the 2020 elections, Mahama remains a popular figure in Ghanaian politics and has a strong chance of winning the upcoming elections.

One reason why Mahama may win in 2024 is his track record as president. During his tenure from 2012 to 2016, Mahama oversaw significant infrastructure development, the construction of roads, bridges, and hospitals. His policies improved access to education and healthcare, and he also boosted agriculture while increasing access to credit for small businesses. Many Ghanaians believe that Mahama’s policies contributed to the country’s economic growth during his tenure.

Another factor that could work in Mahama’s favor is his experience. As a former president, he has a deep understanding of the workings of government and is well-versed in policymaking. This could make him a strong leader who can steer Ghana toward greater development and progress.

Mahama also has a strong support base within the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the party he represents. The NDC is one of the two major political parties in Ghana, and Mahama’s popularity within the party could translate into votes in the election. In addition, the NDC has a large following in the Northern region of Ghana, where Mahama hails from. This could give him an advantage over his opponents in the region.

Furthermore, Mahama is seen as a unifying figure who can bring together different factions within the NDC. The party has been plagued by infighting in the past, but Mahama’s leadership could help to heal these divisions and bring the party together ahead of the elections. This could give him a strong advantage over his opponents, who may struggle to unite their own parties.

Mahama’s strong social media presence could also help him connect with younger voters. Many young Ghanaians are active on social media, and Mahama has been using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to engage with his supporters and share his vision for the country. This could help to mobilize young voters, who are increasingly influential in Ghanaian politics.

In conclusion, John Mahama is a formidable contender for the Ghanaian presidency in 2024. His experience, track record, support base within the NDC, ability to unify the party, and strong social media presence are all factors that could work in his favor. However, the political landscape in Ghana is complex, and there are many factors that could influence the outcome of the election. Only time will tell whether Mahama will emerge victorious, but he cannot be underestimated as a potential winner.

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