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The woman I married from the village and brought to Accra has come pompous and disrespectful – Husband laments

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Harpālpur Poverty and signs of bad living forces most people to be humble but when they come out of such deplorable states, their true nature surfaces.

A young Ghanaian man who recently married a lady she met in the village has anonymously taken to the internet to lament over how her wife now treats him with disdain.

According to the man who gave his name as Kwesi, he opted to marry a woman from the village because he believed that women from the city were more demanding and had an insatiable appetite for money.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware he was making one of the worst decisions in his life.

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In his trending write-up that has taken over social media trends, Kwesi claimed that when he first brought his wife to Accra, she was well-behaved and respectful.

But things suddenly changed after she made new friends in the capital. She has started demanding huge sums of money from him and started going to nightclubs.

The once submissive and respectful wife has become arrogant like Emperor Nero and always talks back at him when he tries to advise her.

Sharing his ordeal with the world, Kwesi wrote;

“I thought marrying a girl from my village is the best because of how the city girls in Accra are so demanding and love spending money but I have regrets now.

When I first brought her to Accra after our marriage, she was very good but after her eye opened and she made friends, she become uncomfortable. She now goes out on her own and party her city friends.

Her demands now are more than that of the city girl I left for her. She does not respect anymore, very arrogant and always thinking she knows better. I am so depressed now”

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Anyone thinking about getting married might learn a lot from Kwesi’s story. Before making any hasty decisions, it is crucial to take the time to get to know someone.

Marriage is a long-term commitment that calls for mutual love, respect, and understanding; these traits cannot be ensured solely by geographical closeness or cultural familiarity.

Below are some of the reactions from social media users who have come across the story…

Hope Avekwa – You brought it upon yourself, why must you think such a thing in the first place that city girls are more demanding than village once? I can see greedy ness lead you to this, stingy has no medicine so stay in it like that.

Gyabaah Emmanuel – Don’t forget everyone in the city is from the village so going for a lady from the village to the city is from “frying pan to fire”

Iyke Emmanuel – When you try your best to change her for good and it couldn’t work out, kindly separate with her if only you have kids with her but if not divorce her, maybe you both r not meant to be together as man and wife, to avoid worst she might bring on table in times to come….

Stapello GH  – MORAL LESSON: A city girls whose eyes has opened and understands you, is better than a Village whose eyes are not yet opened 

Morrison Agbenorhevi – The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. Do your home work well. Your Happiness is in your power.

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