Stephanie Benson Recounts The Struggle She Went Through After Her Son Was Accused Of Rape By A White Girl » ™

In the wake of the ongoing fight against Racism in the United States of America, Sensational Ghanaian Jazz singer, Stephanie Benson has recounted the struggle her family went through when one of her children was accused of rape.

Stephanie who is married to a white man and has five children together, took to her Instagram page to narrate the ordeal that leads to the unfortunate incident.

According to her, one of her sons who was in high school by then was accused of rape by a white girl after he rejected her advances.

She further explained that, because of her son’s skin colour (which was black), the judges, police and all authorities involved were indifferent towards him and treated him like a criminal.

As a mother, Stephanie turned herself into a private investigator to get her son out of the clutches of the law because it was an undisputable fact that her son was innocent.

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