Funny Face Shows Off His Car House

Popular Comic Actor funny face has showed off one of his cars on his compound, this time a car house.

In a recent video posted by the actor, he’s seen in a happy mood walking like a Buffalo to his car house. He was also seen dancing in the car house as he shows what the car house consisted off. I’m the car house has a space for dinning with friends and family, a living room, a space for kitchen and the bedrooms and washrooms.

Funny face on his official Instagram page captioned his video….”the feeling I get when I enter my car house (THE BUFFALO) is amazing 😀🕊️❤️🙏…TO GOD BE THE GLORY…When the ban is finally lifted…. CHILDREN OF GHANA🇬🇭…ur school is abt to be lit💥 with the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT…..a.k.a #ONEMANTHOUSAND NO BAGA WAYA😀

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