Shatta Michy hits back at Ibrah One and Shatta Wale for disrespecting her


Angry Shatta Michy has hit back at the two pu$$ies, Shatta Wale and Ibrah One who are exposing and revealing secrets about each other on social media for the past two days.

Michy was forced into their beef after Ibrah One alleged he has slept with her on countless occasions and she appreciated his “Safety pin” of a dick.

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Ibrah One made the confession to disgrace Shatta Wale whom he has been fighting for a while now since Shatta Wale mocked him after his nakked photos leaked.

Shatta Wale reacting also claimed Ibrah one’s wife has given him a blow job before.

He stupidly made a claim that he only dated Michy and knows all her promiscuous life but Ibrah One has married a prostitute.

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This was direct jab from Shatta Wale insinuating Michy is also a prostitute and that is why he dumped her.

Well, Michy is not allowing her name to be used for clout by grown a$$ men who are supposed to know better than to involve her.

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She has hit back at Shatta Wale and Ibrah ne in an angry post on social media. Michy spoke about never seeing Ibrah One’s dick and the fact she hates the two men using her name in their fight for supremacy.

Shatta Michy wrote:

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Well, I hope both guys listen to the advice and take Michy’s name out of their beef because it’s not cool at all.

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