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Five Ways To Be A Better Friend In 2020

Maintaining a friendship may seem relatively easy but being a better version a friend is not so. It’s 2019 and being just a good friend is not enough, you can be a better friend!

Check out these tips below on how you can be a better friend this year.

Be more honest

In being more honest with your friends, it does not mean you should be a jerk to them but rather in a more vulnerable way. Let them know how much you care about them and how you appreciate the time spent together. During conversations, choose your words carefully and thoughtfully so it can really count.

Be more up-front about your mental health needs

Many of us keep our mental health problems to ourselves and when a friend asks us, “How are you?” we reply with the generic “I am fine”. Your friends can be strong for you and vice versa so stop expecting them to understand some cryptic messages. Admit when you are in a bad spot and feel helpless. They may not know except you open about it.

Substitute the text message for phone calls

Every now and then, take a break from just texting your friends to speaking with them on the phone. If you both have extremely busy schedules, you can fix up a once a week telephone conversation just to catch up rather than typing the words. It will amaze you at how this can bring you closer to each other. Make things more interesting by having a video call, thankfully there are tons of platforms like FaceTime, WhatsApp Video Call, Facebook Video Call, Skype, IMO and more that allows you to do this.

Support and build each other

Support your friends and help to build them up. Compete for each other not against each other. Appreciate their strengths and make their achievements yours because life is hard enough without some unhealthy rivalry. Supporting and building each other is a strong bond for a lasting friendship.

Plan a regular activity

Having a regular activity with your friend brings you closer to them. It could be a vacation, a gym session or hanging out over lunch. Whatever the case may be, have something that is your ritual and you both look forward to. It gives you a mental break and the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.

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