Lydia Forson Spells Out Who Is A Celebrity With A Mind Blowing Example » ™


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Lydia Forson who is known for her critical analysis and education on social issues has once again spelt out what really makes one a celebrity.

This is certainly a result from the recent Cardi B, Meet and Greet brouhaha. When critics descended on some public figures saying they were not celebrities.

One will think the matter had gone to rest but this is the time actress Lydia Forson decided to school some social media users.

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According to her, one is a celebrity when the person is famous and you not knowing or liking the person won’t change that fact.

She tweeted “By definition “auntie muni” is a celebrity… She’s famous for her wakye… And you not knowing or liking her won’t change the fact that people do and stand in long queues to patronize it”


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