Dr Pounds Drops Hint Of Emelia Brobey’s Next Song Which Features C-Zar


Kumawood actress Emelia Brobey, who not long was heavily criticized by the media and fans for her latest single “Fa me ko” is probably set to release another song featuring C-zar

Emelia Brobey’s already released single is doing well if numbers are taken into consideration since the views of the song has shot up very much.

Despite the numbers fans are just not happy with the single but this has not discouraged the singer. Its possible the “fa me ko” singer will be releasing another song soon, featuring C-zar.

The title of the supposed song is “Problem”. A picture posted by Dr. Pounds of Hitz fm suggests the song will be produced by Kawa.

Its unclear if this is really going to happen or its just a tease.


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