Court hears how mom poured morphine into beer that led to son’s death


A mother has been found guilty of joining her 15-year-old son in a drugs binge just hours before the schoolboy died from an overdose.

Holly Strawbridge, 35, shared powerful painkillers with her son, Tyler Peck, and his friend in her kitchen.

The mother-of-five – accused of wanting to be a “cool parent” – poured liquid morphine into their beer and gave them strips of a powerful painkiller at her home in the upmarket town of Salcombe, Devon, in February. Tyler’s friends told police the house had become a “place to get hammered”.

On the night of the tragedy, Strawbridge gave the two 15-year-olds spirits and powerful painkillers that had been prescribed to her. They also sniffed aerosols together, Plymouth Crown Court heard. Tyler, who had a history of drink and drug abuse, died in his sleep hours later.

His friend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, described waking up to find his best friend lifeless, describing the situation as ‘all f***** up’. He told police they’d had a mixture of beer, peach schnapps, aerosol fumes, morphine, Valium, codeine and a powerful painkiller called Gabapentin.


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