36-year-old donates one of his testicles to his twin brother born without one


File photo: Theatre

A 36-year-old set of twins has experienced one of the rarest transplants known to man as one donated a testicle to the other.

The two brothers who come from Serbia decided to keep their identities undisclosed and thus yielded to no interviews.

Nytimes.com reports that the transplant was the third of its kind on record. The last time any such operation was performed was about four decades back and it also happened between twin brothers.

The medical procedure lasted for six hours and was undertaken chiefly by Dr Dicken Ko, a transplant surgeon and urology professor at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, who flew to Belgrade to assist with the procedure.

Together with Dr Dicken Ko an entire international team of surgeons.

The two brothers are reportedly responding to treatment as expected and would both have their normal testosterone levels in a matter of days.

The history-making surgery was performed at the University Children’s Clinic in Tirsova, a section of Belgrade.


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