Man whose farts ‘can kill mosquitoes six metres away hired to create repellent’

They’re one of the deadliest animals in the world, but mosquitoes could soon be wiped out – thanks to one man’s farts .

Joe Rwamirama, 48, from Kampala, Uganda claims that his farts can kill mosquitoes up to six metres away, and that he’s been hired by a manufacturing company to help develop a new repellent.

The reason for Joe’s strange insect-killing farts remains unclear, and he claims that his farts are ‘just like everyone else.’

Speaking to , he said: “I eat ordinary food just like everyone else but no insect can lay a foot on me, not even a fly.

“I smell like a normal man and I bathe daily and my farts are just like everyone else, they are only dangerous to small insects and especially mosquitoes.”

His special skill is well known across Kampala, according to local barber, James Yoweri.

Speaking to The Sun , he said: “He is known all over the city as the man who can kill mosquitoes with his farts. When Joe is around we all know that mosquitoes will vanish.

“He is respectful of people around him and will only fart when there are mosquitoes around which bring malaria. His farts gets rid of this disease.”

While the identity of the manufacturing company remains a mystery, Mr Rwamirama claims that they’re paying him ‘millions’ to help create a new repellent.

Unsurprisingly, the news has sparked a series of jokes online.

On a Reddit thread about the news, one user joked: “This is how real life X-Men begins,” while another added: “I can make my dog get off the couch. Nobody’s writing articles about me.”

And one joked: “Imagine having a beer with your mate, and a mosquito lands on you, and he just gets up and rips a fat one on your arm and it dies instantly.”