Awudu Tijani, the man who directed traffic in Accra for two decades dies


Awudu Tijani
Awudu Tijani

For 20 years, Rahman Awudu Tijani directed traffic without pay, without respect. Rain or shine, he put his life on the line to make sure traffic kept flowing.

Only this year, a film was made about him to celebrate his work. Only a week ago, we premiered the films to the world – the happiest, proudest moment of his life.

But only yesterday you passed on eternally. It feels as though you were waiting for your moment of bliss before you finally let go.

For 20 years you held on with an unshakable belief that your service shall be noticed. Someday. Somehow.

But you were tired. Your shell was weakened and battered. Each day you spent in the sun and rain saving our time, you were losing your time.

Barely noticed. Barely appreciated. Bruised yet unfazed.

But he’s gone now. Another unsung hero who gave everything and got nothing in return.

And now he’ll be noticed. Now he’ll be remembered.

When the cars are stacked bumper to bumper on that lonely stretch along the Awudome Cemetery, when beads of sweat beat down the brows of anxious drivers, when everyone loses time because there’s no one to donate theirs, you’ll be remembered.

That once upon a time lived a man who married the road, one who literally spent his time saving our time. But alas we noticed a tad too late!

In honour of a fallen hero. Rest in Peace, Abdul Rahman Haruna Your race is run.

Source: Goddy Nana Mens/ Shakiru Akinyemi


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