WACCE Organizes Sensitization Workshop –


A cross section of participants at the workshop

The West Africa Centre for Counter Extremism (WACCE) is embarking  on a sensitization campaign on inclusive and peaceful electoral participation in four areas in Northern Ghana.

The two-day sensitization workshops each to be held in Saboba, Chereponi, Yendi and Bole in the North East, Northern and Savanna regions of Ghana respectively are intended to ensure inclusive and peaceful electoral participation in vulnerable areas in the regions.

The workshops are expected to be held in Bole and Yendi before December 20, 2019.

It is supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) of the Canadian High Commission.

The workshops targeted  the aged, women, youth, minority Groups and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) who are often excluded from participating in the electoral process through various factors including intimidation, and absence of support facilities for them.

Both workshops attracted more than 300 participants including  religious leaders, representatives of chiefs and traditional leaders, representatives of minority ethnic groups including the Fulani, Moshie, Konkomba among others.

Also included were members of Dressmakers Association in Chereponi, butchers association and market women.

Mutaru Mumuni, the Executive Director of WACCE, addressing the work sessions stressed on the constitutional rights of all qualified citizens to freely participate in the electoral process.

He said it was an obligation on all citizens to support the rights of others to exercise their voting rights at elections, adding, “let us all support the inclusive and peaceful participation of all in our electoral processes.”

Mr. Mumuni said recognizing the security challenges of the area, the fears of reigniting of conflicts could make many stay away from elections.

He said the areas were engulfed in a destructive ethnic conflict that had caused significant loss of property and lives.


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