‘Pose’ star Indya Moore gets dragged by Mzansi for ‘colored’ comment


“Pose” star Indya Moore landed in hot water when they vented on Twitter about a white person referring to them as coloured on Saturday.
Moore, who happened to be visiting Cape Town, to
ok their Twitter page saying, “yt(white) people call light skin black people colored in CT. triggered”.

South Africans didn’t take their comment well and very gently went into their mentions to explain that the term “coloured” in Mzansi isn’t the same as “colored” which is a racial slur for African Americans.

However, they initially ignored “Coloured Twitter” trying to educate them regarding the matter which only further fueled the flame. 

After much debate in their mentions, Moore deleted the initial tweet and issued an apology for their comments, but also blocked several users following the backlash and then deleted their apology.

* Indya Moore’s pronouns are they/them


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