Shatta Wale Angry At Stonebwoy After Ashaiman To The World Concert?


We don’t want to think Shatta Wale is going to retrace his spot as the tiger that he’s to claw back at Stonebwoy with his latest post on social media.

So this is what we are talking about- Stonebwoy took to social media to thank all the artists who helped make his 2019 Ashaiman to The World a major success but inadvertently left out the name of his friend, Shatta Wale.

Wale wrote this after he probably saw Stonebwoy’s post: “Careful when they say they love u .. It’s all fake !!!
They just wish they were you !!!! But that’s not possible !!! Learn how to say THANK YOU AND SORRY deep down from your HEART  and stop pretending !!” he wrote.

We don’t know if there’s any connection between his post and that of Stonebwoy but since our man is unpredictable, we can’t rule out the possibility he it’s a direct reply.



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