Akua GMB shows her huge watermelons in public »


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Former Ghana’s most beautiful contestant and the fourth wife of Dr. Kwaku Oteng, Akua GMB has incurred the wrath of some fans on social media after she showed off her huge watermelons in a new photo.

In the new photo, Akua was dressed in a beautiful African print Kaba and Slit, but the chest part was cut so low that her cleavage was clearly exposed.

Though the photo is nice and Akua herself looked stunning, some of her fans have registered their displeasure with the exposure.

Interestingly, the young lady and mother of three children accepted the criticism in good fate.

See the photo below:

Read some comments from her fans below as well;

faiza4772: “Don’t be showing your breast like dat is for our father only you hear.mrs Oteng 2nd in command i luv you.”

esdan_opare: “Helloo Dearie, I really admire U a lot! N I can see U have a beautiful soul, but pls dis Ur dress is not appealing to wear as a married woman. Really enjoyed d program yestur night but Ur dress was a problem for me. Thanks.”

afia119: “girl cover up…you have an influence on our society…”

asabea31152: “Too much exposure of cleavage.”

We are happy she took the comments in good faith and promised to cover up her watermelons next time before posting a photo.


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