Preparation time for Ghana Premier League too short


Sports News of Thursday, 5 December 2019



Coach of Elmina Sharks,Yaw AcheampongCoach of Elmina Sharks,Yaw Acheampong

Coach of Elmina Sharks has bemoaned the short time allotted for the start of the 2019/2020 season.

He says the uncertainties about when the league will start and the short time frame to its resumption poses a problem to coaches and their players.

Speaking in an interview with Kumasi based Akoma Fm, the Elmina Sharks trainer says that due to the short time to the start of the league they have been forced to rush through their pre-season training regime.

“Normally you will need about six weeks to prepare the players for the league for the league but the uncertainties of whether we will play or not play has affected our schedule.”

“At least we have roughly a month to play the league If we see the conditioning of the players has improved remarkably then we move onto the tactical.”

He says teams have been forced to play high profile friendly matches in order to get the fitness and sharpness of the players in tune on time.

“Unfortunately, due to time constraints we can’t start our friendly matches with low profiles, middle profile matches due to the time frame of the league start so we must go straight to high profile matches so that we can be at par with other teams.”

“Before the end of the Normalization Cup competition we saw some anomalies with the team and we are now working on it.”

“We hope to finish working on it before the league season starts.” he said.


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