I didn’t want to appear in music videos


Joseph Bulley, professionally known as Magnom says at first he didn’t want to appear in music videos and that Edem forced him to appear in his video.

He said on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Thursday, that as a producer he doesn’t want to be in your video because he produced a song for you.

“As a producer, a lot of people complain about a lot of things but when you are getting into a deal you know where you are getting to. Some tend to rant about it but I understand. I produce a song for you, I do not have to be in the video and if you want to put me in your video yes. First, I didn’t want to appear in videos so I turn to run away.” he said

Magnom told Andy Dosty, host of the show that “Edem actually pushed me to be in the Koene music video”


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