I prefer serious ‘atopa’ before mounting any stage to perform

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Over the past years, many artistes have revealed that before the mount any stage to perform, they either take a shot of alcohol or smoke for them to get high before wowing their audience.

Upcoming artiste Iona has revealed in her latest interview with Sammy Flex that she always prefers to engage in a hot ‘atopa’ session before mounting the stage to perform.

According to her, s3x before performances relaxes her and always brings the best out in her and wish people would try that one instead of the normal smoking and drinking.

When asked if she has done that before, she stated that not yet but she remembers one time she had s3x before granting an interview and surprisingly on that day she was more relaxed and her English flowed very well.

Watch her interview below:

She further revealed that she has seen more ‘banana’s’ of men ever since she came to the limelight and truth be told some of them a really nice and beautiful.

She concluded that the men who have been sending her photos of their bananas should continue sending them into her DM since she really loves to see more.

Looks like the new other of the day for any artiste to blow is by making some controversial statements or releasing explicit songs to make people talk about them so they can be able to trend.