Luke Evans got his first tattoo at age 40

Luke Evans got a tattoo because he felt “midlife crisis-y”.

The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ actor had his first-ever inking after turning 40 earlier this year and admitted he was trying to prove to himself that he was still young by getting the family tribute etched onto his arm.

Speaking to talk show host Jonathan Ross in an interview set to air on Saturday night, he said: “It’s a band around my arm, it’s continuous and it says the initials of my dad, my mother and me. Dave, Yvonne and Luke. It was because I was feeling a bit midlife crisis-y I guess… There’s no dolphins or love hearts.”

Fellow guest Stormzy revealed he also doesn’t have any tattoos and he doesn’t plan to change that until his appearance starts to change in a different way.

He said: : “I’ve always said if I go bald, I will get tattoos. I just think if I was bald then I’d get a tattoo.”



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