December 17 Referendum: Akufo-Addo doesn’t need NDC to fulfil campaign promises

Politics of Wednesday, 20 November 2019



Eric Adjei, NDC Communicator

NDC communications team member, Eric Adjei, has warned members of the NPP, especially it’s General Secretary to stop pointing hands at them for acting in bad faith in respect to the upcoming referendum.

“After all you don’t need us to fulfil your campaign promises just like you did not consult us when amending them,” he strongly indicated.

Speaking on UTV’s ‘Adekye Nsroma’ political show, Eric Adjei pointed out that members of the ruling government cannot blame them for making a u-turn when they already have it in their manifesto to embark on the said exercise.

“How can you blame us for changing our minds in the interest of Ghana when you already have in your manifesto to make local level governance partisan when voted into power,” he added.

The NDC communicator advised the government to stop comparing themselves to developing countries who have made local level governance structure partisan.

“Ghana is a different place altogether from those countries in terms of politics,” he said.