Hitler’s birthplace to become police station to deter neo-Nazi fans

World- The building in the Austrian town of Braunau where Adolf Hitler was born will become the regional police headquarters in the future, the Interior Ministry has decided, as part of its plan to prevent neo-Nazi tourism at the historically charged site.

“The future use of the building by police will be an unmistakable signal that this building shall never serve to commemorate National Socialism,” Interior Minister Wolfgang Peschorn said in a statement on Tuesday.

Extremists have been travelling to Braunau to have their pictures taken in front of the building, according to local witnesses.

The late German dictator (1889-1945) spent the first months of his life in a flat in the three-storey building in central Braunau, a town that lies on the border with Germany.

The state expropriated the building from its private owner in 2017, triggering a lengthy legal dispute about compensation.