Celine Dion ‘still in love’ with late husband

Celine Dion is open to finding a new partner but doesn’t worry if she doesn’t because she will always be “in love” with her late husband.

The “My Heart Will Go On” singer is open to finding love again, almost four years after Rene Angelil died following a long battle with cancer, but she isn’t worried if she doesn’t find a new partner because she still has the music manager “within” her.

Asked if she is open to remarrying and if she’s dating again on ‘Watch What Happens Live’, she said: “I don’t date. I don’t have a boyfriend and you know, it doesn’t mean that I will not find someone in my life. If I do, that would be great. If I don’t, that would be great, because I am still in love.

“Once you’re in love so much, you know, I’ve been living all my life with Rene. He is still within me. I see him through the eyes of my children every day. I’m so passionate about life and I’m so lucky to have my three beautiful sons.”

The 51-year-old singer – who has children René-Charles, 18, and Nelson and Eddy, nine, with her late spouse – is “open” to a new romance and promised she wouldn’t keep it hidden if she finds love again.