Enough Of The Profane Songs, Don’t Forget Young Girls Look Up To You

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Curvaceous Ghanaian songstress and actress Nana Frema has a piece of advice for her female colleagues in the music industry.

According to Nana Frema in a recent post on her Insta stories, she feels shy each time she hears children singing the profane songs her colleagues in the industry.

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Frema therefore advised her colleagues to not loosely use too much profanity in their songs as young children are looking up to them.

Nana Frema wrote: “Charley what’s with female singers in Ghana and this new profane trend smh it’s really getting ugly. Are these the songs our kids would be singing? Mehn not cool. I’m kinda shy to hear children sing such songs you know ladies let’s wising up oh Charley coz people look up to you.”

Most of the female artists in Ghana usually play with profane words in their songs. Words such as “Koti”  “3tw3” is usually used in such a way that it means a different thing.  Well I hope these artists will head the advice of Nana Frema.

Checkout her post below;

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