Jospong Group Secures €20m For Projects

The Jospong Group of Companies, with the help of the Hungarian government, has secured a facility for some development projects in Ghana.

Together with its Hungarian partners, Pureco, the group concluded discussions and signed a €20.2 million contract that would see the construction of the Takoradi and Tamale Waste Water Treatment Plants to treat waste water from faecal waste into reusable water in the two cities.

An additional €100,000 Grant was signed for the Zoomlion Foundation for the implementation of the Pureco Education Partnership Project (PEPP).

The plants to be constructed in Takoradi and Tamale would be managed by Sewerage Systems Ghana Limited (SSGL), a subsidiary of the Jospong Group, and would have the capacity to treat 1,000 cubic metres of waste water daily.

The Takoradi and Tamale water treatment plants when completed are expected to create about 1,000 direct and indirect jobs in each city where faecal waste treatment facilities are non-existent.

At the signing ceremony in Budapest, Hungary, the Executive Chairman of the Jospong Group, Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, commended the governments of Ghana and Hungary for their roles in securing the facility and thanked the Pureco for their partnership that is fostering development and improving the lives of people in Ghana.

In attendance was Ghana’s Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecilia Abena Dapaah, who reassured the Government of Hungary of their support as a government and pledged to supervise the activities of the Jospong Group to ensure that the projects are executed to the satisfaction of both governments.

István Joó, Deputy State Secretary for Export Development at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said “considering the transformations taking place globally and the increase in Public Private Partnerships to bring about development, this collaboration will be a win-win situation for not just both companies but for both countries.

€ 100,000 PEP Projects

In another development, Jospong and Pureco are also focusing on social intervention as a tool for sustainable development.

As a result, a €100,000 Grant has been secured for the Zoomlion Foundation for the implementation of the Pureco Education Partnership Project (PEPP).

Dr. Agyepong explained that the project is aimed at raising awareness amongst schoolchildren in Ghana on the need to protect water.

He further explained that the project which is being handled by the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) arm of Zoomlion/Jospong Group would focus on raising awareness of children (between ages 10-14) in selected schools in order to increase their water-related knowledge and on their attitude towards nature and the environment.

It would aim at establishing a special group of local teachers and coordinators by providing detailed educational training for them on water, water-related educational possibilities in order to achieve the objectives of the PEPP programme.

Besides, the PEPP would see to the training of employees of Zoomlion Ghana Limited to maintain and operate the waste water treatment plant being established across the country.