CJ Endorses Punctuality Campaign –

Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

JUSTICE Sophia Akuffo has urged stakeholders in the justice delivery system,
especially lawyers, judges and staff of the Judicial Service to be time-conscious
and punctual.

to her, their actions have direct effects on the lives, rights and liberties of
those seeking justice, for which reason they must be time-conscious in order
not to jeopardize the rights of those who depend on them for justice.

Chief Justice (CJ) said this when she endorsed a punctuality campaign by
Punctuality Ghana Foundation, a group championing punctuality at workplaces.

to her, lawyers who are usually late for proceedings do not only cause harm to
the court but also to their clients especially those on remand, as they usually
suffer the most.

Sophia Akuffo indicated that as a result of this act of lateness and absence on
the part of lawyers, certain cases which need to be dealt with quickly tend to
remain in the courts longer than they should, and the judges are sometimes left
with no choice but to strike them out.

stated that in the case of accused persons who are usually on remand during the
pendency of the trial, even when they get acquitted and discharged, quite a
portion of their lives are wasted in jail.

CJ bemoaned the lackadaisical attitude some Ghanaians put towards work which is
affecting productivity and also denying the nation of fortunes.

the same people who treat their jobs here with disdain and work lackadaisically
travel abroad and do back breaking works without offending the rules and making
excuses. Whether it snows or rains, they go to work and on time and put in the
required hours, because they know their very lives depend on their jobs and any
lateness would not go unpunished,” she said.

Sophia Akuffo suggested that children should also be taught to appreciate the
importance of being punctual for school, adding that it would put them in a
good position to develop a good sense of responsibility for themselves and
others afterwards.

Coordinator for Punctuality Ghana, Naa Meryeh Quaynor-Mettle, called for a
change in attitude by making punctuality a habit in order to affect high-levels
of productivity and rake in the much need revenue to support our developmental

She said the foundation had taken the right step to lead the way and called on all Ghanaians to join the campaign.

BY Juliana Tamatey