Zero Hunger Ghana Launched –

The Zero Hunger Ghana has been officially launched to commemorate the celebration of the World Food Day which fell on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

The Zero Hunger Ghana project have for a year taken pains in distributing food to the needy in deprived areas.

The initiative which is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 was founded by Debra-Jane Nelson, an award-winning entrepreneur and chief executive officer of Think Mahogany.

She started with an objective of reducing Food Waste that happens at events and some restaurants/eateries by mobilising it to those in need. 

This then grew into a Sunday lunch ritual, where she and her dedicated Advocates and Volunteers give food to children and women not neglecting the men in need in selected pro-poor communities in Accra identified by the organisation’s Community Development Officer, with ambitions of reaching out to communities outside Accra, Ghana.

In her keynote address, the founder recounted her experience as an event planner who had gotten used to seeing left-over food being thrown away at events; a practice she thought could be life-changing if the left over foods were packaged and given out for free to the underprivileged.

The initiative is made up of a dietician, Renee Opare Otoo whose main task is to advise on the right forms of food for consumption, Vicentia Asante, the Community Development Officer to mark out the vantage towns and locations for food distribution and Chef Elijah Amoo Addo.

According to Ms. Nelson, her vision is to have safe, healthy and nutritious food for everybody.

Her mission is working to ensure that people in Ghana have access to the safe food they need to achieve the Zero Hunger world while her vision is to provide safe, healthy and nutritious food for all.

She hopes to engage with the public on food relations, food mismanagement, food hygiene training, general hygiene, child protection, proper waste disposal menstrual hygiene among other events such as the Jollof rave which is slated for 9th November, 2019.

Debrah-Jane Nelson expressed he profound gratitude to sponsors and supporters of her cause to make healthy and nourishing food affordable and accessible to everyone through Zero Hunger Ghana.

Present at the event were Naa Korkor Aadzieoyi, Queenmother of Adabraka Atukpai sub-stool, actress Joselyn Dumas who doubles as the brand ambassador of Zero Hunger Ghana among a host of other personalities.

The world food day is a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger. It is held annually on October 16 where people from around the world come together to declare their commitment to eradicate worldwide hunger.

BY Sharon Willis Brown-Acquah