Aaron Paul met ‘crush’ Rihanna

Aaron Paul was stunned to get a kiss from his “crush” Rihanna in a chance encounter in Paris.

The 40-year-old actor – who has 20-month-old daughter Story with wife Lauren – became a household name thanks to his role as Jesse Pinkman in “Breaking Bad” and he was amazed to “randomly” meet some of his most famous fans in Drake and the “Diamonds” hitmaker in Paris one day.

He recalled: “The first time I met Drake I was randomly in this parking garage in Paris and I got out of my car and walked in and Drake screams out my name and I turn around and I’m like, ‘Oh there’s Drake’…

“He told me that he got Rihanna in on it who I am just obsessed with, she’s my crush.

“Rihanna, I had never met before and I was standing outside and this SUV stops and the door opens and Rihanna jumps out and starts running in my direction. I turned, ‘Who is she running to?’ there is no one behind me and she throws her arms around me and gives me this big hug and kisses me on the cheek and says that she loves me.