Will these 4 new measures by the IGP check police indiscipline?

General News of Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


IGP James Oppong-Boanuh

Numerous complaints against police indiscipline during traffic duties, highway patrols, barrier duties among others have forced the Inspector-General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh, to issue new directives to check the unprofessional conduct of some officers.

To be implemented with immediate effect, these are the four directives you should know about as a Ghanaian citizen and help to enforce:

1. All highway patrol, traffic, barriers, snap checks etc will be under the supervision of a senior police officer at the duty point where they are assigned.

2. A special task force has been instituted to conduct periodic checks on roads by interviewing drivers, passengers and other road users to collect further information on allegation of such unprofessional conduct by police officers.

3. The senior police officers supervising such duties would make themselves readily accessible to the public in order to receive complaints relating to extortions, deliberate delays of motorists, the use of uncivil language as well as publicly making political statements that have the propensity to compromise their neutrality as officers.

4. To ensure police accountability, especially on the highways, special phone numbers will be announced to enable the public to send videos of police misconduct, pictures, WhatsApp text messages among others on police unprofessional conduct as well as exemplary ones for others to emulate.

The Police Administration has appealed to the public to give maximum cooperation as far as this exercise is concerned and wish to assure the public that such complaints when received will be expeditiously dealt with.

Will these measures ever work?