COA signs research deal with Alfred Nobel University

The Centre of Awareness (COA) and Global Peace Mission
(GPM), manufacturers of the famous COA FS immune booster and COA 72 injectable,
have reached an agreement with the Alfred Nobel University (ANU) in Ukraine for
research into chronic diseases.

Part of the agreement is also to promote global peace
through a multi-approach strategy that focuses on the youth in schools, and
heads of states of various countries.

The agreement was reached during a visit by Founder and
President of COA/GPM, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan to Ukraine as a special guest
of ANU at the Unification Day of students from Asia, Europe, America and Africa
earlier this month.

Earlier this year, Prof. Duncan was among several Ghanaian
achievers ANU presented with honorary professorial and honorary doctorate
awards for their excellent achievements.

The awardees included President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,
former Genda Minister, Otiko Afisa Dzaba and a few others.

Prof. Duncan’s honorary award was mainly because of the
breakthrough manufacture of COA FS immune booster and COA 72 injectable, which
are touted as potential cure for HIV, based on tests by independent medical
research institutions in Ghana and South Africa.

Following his professorial award, Prof. Duncan has been
working with ANU to move his herbal medicine research forward, and that has
culminated in this ground-breaking agreement for further research into COA and
into other potential cure for other terminal diseases.

Prof. Ato Duncan told Adom News from his base in Ukraine
that the ultimate goal is to “promote global peace by finding solutions to
many chronic diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, cancers, kidney failures and

He said the process will begin with COA FS and COA 72 with
the aim of developing them into drugs that meet WHO standards as the drug of
choice for the cure of HIV.

“Before a drug can be certified by WHO as a drug of choice
for public use, it has to go through rigorous processes, including tests on at
least five continents and so as we start from Ukraine, we will do similar tests
in different parts of the world to meet WHO standards,” he said.

The COA Boss noted that such rigorous research costs a lot
of money and so far COA on its own has spent over US$20 million researching the
drug, but this it would collaborate with its partner institutions like ANU and
others to raise funding to the subsequent tests.

Research in Ghana

Prof. Duncan also hinted that back in Ghana, government has
also asked the Ghana Aids Commission (GAC) to work with COA to ensure further
test of the COA FS and COA 72, adding that the Noguchi Memorial Institute has
offered to do the clinical tests so they are working towards that.

“I trust that the government and the GAC will make good
their word and ensure that the tests are done as soon as possible for the benefit
of the country,” he said.

Prof. Duncan noted that if the COA drugs become the drugs of
choice for the cure of HIV, Ghana stands to gain billions of dollars of revenue
flowing from all over the world to boost the economy.

100 Scholarships

He also said as part of the need he has with Alfred Nobel
University, COA would from next year sponsor at least 100 Ghanaian students to
that university every year to study various courses of their choice so they can
contribute to national development.

“Several brilliant students from poor homes are benefitting
from the government’s Free SHS policy but when they complete, some of them may
not have money to continue to the tertiary level and that is where we come in
to help at least 100 next.

“If things go well for us we will increase the numbers in the subsequent year and beyond. I believe other institutions can also do same to ensure that our youth are properly educated to contribute to national development,” he said. 

Source: Adom News|Samuel Dowuona