SA man arrested in Alaska after video showing woman’s murder found on memory card


Anchorage – A man was in custody after videos were found on a digital memory card depicting a woman being assaulted and killed, police in Alaska said Wednesday.

Anchorage police said a caller last week reported finding the card on a city street. Police believe human remains found along a highway earlier this month are those of the woman depicted in the videos. Authorities said they are working to identify the woman and her manner of death.

Police said they obtained a warrant for the arrest of Brian Steven Smith on a murder charge and arrested him Tuesday at an Anchorage airport. Police spokesman MJ Thim said Smith had been on a flight returning to Anchorage. He did not know where Smith’s flight had originated.

He said Smith, 48, lives in Anchorage but is from South Africa. Police were familiar with Smith from another investigation, Thim said, though he declined to provide details.

During a brief court hearing Wednesday, Smith was asked a few questions by the judge, including if he had received a copy of the charging document and if he could afford an attorney. Smith said he could not afford a lawyer, and the judge said he would appoint a public defender to Smith.


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