WATCH: Meet the dog that’s convinced he’s a baby


The video opens with a puppy holding a dummy in his mouth. It soon becomes obvious he has no plans of letting go. 

The footage showing little Louis, a three-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier pit bull cross, has gone viral with more than 37 000 views.

According to the video description, Louis was adopted when he was just six weeks old and taken off his mother’s milk. 

“He would suckle in his sleep a lot so I decided to give him a binkie (dummy) to see if it would soothe him a little. He took it right out of my hand and started suckling it like a little baby and wouldn’t give it back,” said his owner.

And it seems the internet has fallen in love with the little pup. Comments ranged from “Big Bad Pit bull,,,NOT.. way too cute great video” to “I love that dog.”

Chances are after watching the video, you’ll be convinced as well that he’s a baby.


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