Woman Makes Record With Longest Time Spent With A Scorpion In Her Mouth- Photos

I have not come across a brave and an adventurous woman like Kanchana Kaetkaew, the woman many call ‘Scorpion Queen.’

Kanchana holds two Guinness World Records; one for spending for spending 33 days inside a 12-meter square glass enclosure with 5,000 live scorpions and the other for keeping scorpions inside her mouth for three minutes and 28 seconds, which she first did in 2008.

The fearless woman hails from Thailand and is a Ripley’s Ambassador for her popular stunts involving the terrifying creepy crawlies.

This week she appeared on stage in Pattaya, Thailand, and never fidgeted as several poisonous scorpions crawled over her. At one point, she opened her mouth to allow one of the creatures inside.

See photos below:

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com