‘The Reason Why Ghanaians Past Presidents Have All Failed Is Because Evil Spirits Are Working Against Ghana’ – Archbishop Duncan-Williams Claims

The founder and leader of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has claimed that the inability of past and incumbent president of Ghana’s to implement good policies to the benefit of citizens is due to evil spirits.

In his view, all these past and the current presidents of Ghana have had plans of fixing the mess in the country but due to unforseen forces, they have been prevented them from making their dreams a reality.

“There’s a spiritual dimension when it comes to governance and if we’re not aware of them we’ll become victims… that unseen ruler manifests his thought – what he thinks, what he wants to be done and everything – through the natural ruler and it’s one of the reasons we have to pray for kings and for those in authority because our prayers will shield them from demonic influences and from powers that will compel them to take decisions and do things that will not profit the nation and profit the people,” he said.

Duncan-Williams also added that;

“I have spoken to presidents who have been in office and they left office and most times you realize that there were so many things that they could have done but for whatever reasons, frustrations, the tradition, our culture did not allow them to accomplish it until they came out of office.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com