Ghana Improves In Latest Anti-Money Laundering Ranking

Dr. Ernest Addison – Governor of BoG

NEW ANTI-money laundering and terrorist financing report published by
Swiss-based Basel Institute of Governance has seen Ghana moving up six places.

year, Ghana ranked 66th out of 125 countries in
the Anti Money Laundering Index.  But with a score of 5.29, the country
jumped to 60th position in the latest rankings released by
the Basel Institute of Governance.

Basel Anti-Money Laundering Index is an independent annual ranking that
assesses the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing around the world.

latest rankings put Ghana ahead of notable countries such as United Arab
Emirates, India, Turkey and China.

Basel anti-money laundering Index measures the risk of money laundering and
terrorist financing in countries using data from publicly available sources
such as the Financial Action Task Force, Transparency International, World Bank
and the World Economic Forum.

index relies heavily on perception-based indicators such as the Transparency
International Corruption Perceptions Index.

contrast to financial risk models based purely on statistical calculations, the
Basel AML Index evaluates structural factors by quantifying regulatory, legal,
political and financial indicators that influence countries’ vulnerability to
money laundering and terrorist financing.