Cameroon: Bakassi – Over 107 Rescued On Sinking Ship


Close sources say three died in the incident including twins.

Confirmed reports of some seven persons missing on a sinking ship in the Cameroon waters of Rio in Bakassi peninsula have reached us. At press time some 107 persons had been rescued by the Rapid Intervention Unit (BIR) under the close supervision of the Commander of the Second Military Region. Those saved include 83 men, 13 women and 11 minors who were transported to Limbe. Three were also announced dead and those suffering from injuries were transported to nearby medical facilities. Others with minor concerns have joined their families. A ship named AUSTRHEIM took water in the night of 25 breaking 26 August 2019 after taking off from the Calabar shores in Nigeria heading for Tiko in Cameroon. Reports say some 117 persons were on board. The ship crossed into the Cameroonian waters at Rio apparently overloaded. Sources familiar with that route say it is usually a rough sail when vessels reach that part of the Atlantic Ocean as it harbours the main Bakassi river tributaries. Some relatives of the victims say the numerous passengers were rushing back home in Cameroon due to the lock-down proclaimed on social media for the next two weeks in the North West and South West Regions. Colonel Belinga Henri Ludwig, Controller General Inspector of the Rapid Intervention Unit (BIR) and Commander at the coast, reached on the phone, confirmed 107 were rescued by mid-day yesterday 26 August 2019. Some report said due to rough water the ship hit sandbank and got destabilised. However, an investigation has opened to determine the exact cause of the accident.


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